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hook-and-bullet (not comparable)

  1. Relating to, or characteristic of, the outdoor pursuits of fishing and hunting.
    • 1981, The Living Wilderness, volume 45, page 12:
      Arnett has always been a hook and bullet boy — safari hunter, duck hunter, National Rifle Association member, founder and chairman of the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America and its companion Wildlife Conservation Fund of America.
    • 1992, John G. Mitchell, ‎Robert J. Mitchell, Dispatches from the Deep Woods, page 132:
      In northern Michigan, on the blue water and in the green woods and under the expert tutelage of a hook-and-bullet, uphill-tramping outdoor dad, he found his center of perceptual gravity, his continuity with nature []
    • 1999, Phillip Lopate, The Art of the Essay, page 269:
      In the guise of a wildlife writer, a hook-and-bullet writer for Sports Illustrated, I went south also, to Baton Rouge and beyond.