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horse-hung (not comparable)

  1. (slang, of a man) Endowed with a considerably larger-than-average penis
    • 2011, Jonathan Asche, Kept Men, page 236:
      I was in a seated position, my ass resting on the stranger's fantastic endowment. My hands reached behind me for support, but the horse-hung mystery man had me, his arms clamped around my chest.
    • 2010, Bob Archman, Clydesdale Goes to Washington
      His young playmate had mentioned the Club had lost its only horse-hung top and the members were unhappy about that.
    • 2007, William Maltese, Summer Sweat, page 109:
      "This damned thing", as it turns out, is his cock, which he manhandles for additional emphasis, squeezes, twists, pets, prods, paws, with an accompanying little dance, complete with knee squats that finally, it would seem, provide his hard prick with a better-than-original alignment. As well, I might add, as making it all the more evident that the kid is not only cowboy-cute but cowboy-horse hung.
  2. (slang, of a man's penis) considerably larger than the average penis
    • 2011, Mickey Erlach, Gym Buddies & Buff Boys
      The more muscle a man had the harder Drew's cock got, especially if he was black, especially if his skin was a dark as chocolate and his crotch bulged with a horse hung dick and nuts the size of billiard balls.
    • 2010, Michael Gleich, Sarge and the Sailor Boy
      The marine sergeant drifted off for a moment, his legs relaxed while his fucking horse-hung dick began to soften enough for the sailor's stretched out lips to ease up somewhat.
    • 2008, Habu, Tropical Sizzlers, page 92:
      With one hand, he positions the bulbous head of my horse-hung cock at his asshole and then resumes crawling his butt into me, letting his ass channel muscles grab my cock and pull it inside him.


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