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Alternative forms[edit]


hot (hot) +‎ gun


hotgun (plural hotguns)

  1. A device for directing hot air.
    • 1999, Afgan Farooq & J.R. Hanson, “Oxidation of two pregnane steroids catalyzed by the fungus Cephalosporium aphidicola”, in Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, volume 63, number 10:
      Compounds were detected by spraying with methanol:sulfuricacid (1:1) and then by heating with a hotgun.
    • 2000 February, Christian Drohmann, Martin Möller, Olga B. Gorbatsevich & Aziz M. Muzafarov, “Hyperbranched polyalkenylsilanes by hydrosilylation with platinum catalysts. I. Polymerization”, in Journal of Polymer Science, volume 38, number 4:
      The flasks for hydrosilylation were closed by septa and dried with a hotgun under a nitrogen flow.
    • 2003, John E. White, Edward J. Tucholski, & Robert E. Green Jr, “Nondestructive testing of aircraft and spacecraft wiring”, in Materials evaluation, volume 61, number 12:
      However, the more sensitive infrared system was able to detect this discontinuity at ambient temperatures without the benefit of a hotgun.
    • 2008, Junpei Naito, Shunsuke Kuwahara, Masataka Watanabe, John Decatur, Pieter H. Bos, Ruben P. Van Summeren, Bjorn Ter Horst, Ben L. Feringa, Adriaan J. Minnaard, & Nobuyuki Harada, “Stereoselective Synthesis of 2,3,7-Trimethylcyclooctanone and Related Compounds and Determination of Their Relative and Absolute Configurations by the MαNP Acid Method”, in Chirality, volume 20:
      To a stirring suspension of CuI (1.23 g, 6.44 mmol, 1.125 eq, pre-dried with a hotgun) in dry Et2O (55 ml) at 0°C under nitrogen was added MeLi (8.0 ml, 12.9 mmol, 2.25 eq).
  2. Synonym of hot glue gun.
    • 1989, NASA Tech Briefs, page 84:
      With the hotgun, incontrast, the holding chamber and the nozzle supply continuous heat to the wax, and the wax can be injected directly into the hole as a liquid.
  3. A gun, such as a semi-automatic, designed to discharge its rounds very quickly.
    • 1958, 45, California Highway Patrolman - Volumes 22-23:
      As Jorgensen turned his back and as Baker was raising his hotgun; somehow it discharged, striking Jorgensen in the back.
    • 2008, Pam Bustin, Mostly Happy, →ISBN, page 73:
      Jack flirted with Prissy, taught me how to handle the hotguns, and he told us stories about his life.
    • 2012, TL Tekavec, Prohibiting Pueblo: A collection of poems:
      And I now agree the hotgun-murder-car business must end.
    • 2014, HB Kurtzwilde, Student of the Tradition, →ISBN:
      Then there was that interminable, deadly pause between disengaging the stones and the old clips releasing from the hotguns.