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From hound +‎ -like. Compare houndly.


houndlike (comparative more houndlike, superlative most houndlike)

  1. Like, resembling, or characteristic of a hound; houndly.
    • 1878, John Henry Walsh, The dogs of the British Islands:
      Nevertheless, the desire for "long ears, houndlike head, and much throatiness" was going on, though one of our first and most successful breeders protested [...]
    • 1996, Roger A. Caras, A Perfect Harmony:
      And in the British Isles, there were the shepherd-type dogs already mentioned, an ancestral houndlike dog and a small house dog that could have later given rise to the terriers.
    • 2007, American Kennel Club, The Complete Dog Book: 20th Edition:
      Houndlike ears: See Drop ear. Houndlike lips: Well-developed, deep, pendulous flews.