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house-bote (plural house-botes)

  1. Alternative form of housebote
    • 1801, An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire - Volume 1, page 32:
      In 1270, sir Richard Moore had a right, by charter, to house-bote and hey-bote to his house at Pencoed.
    • 1825, Laws relating to landlords, tenants, and lodgers - Volume 7, page 17:
      But tenants may cut underwood, and take wood sufficient to repair the pales, hedges, and fences, and what is called by law plough-bote, fire-botc, and other house-bote.
    • 1828, Thomas Burton, Diary: From 1656 to 1659 : in Four Volumes - Volume 1, page 197:
      He hath cut down the wood where the petitioners ought to have house-bote ; hath raised more monies out of those woods and forfeitures, than the purchase cost him ; he hath threatened many of their lives, &c.
    • 1873, Alfred John Horwood, Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the First: XXI-XXII:
      Your husband was seised of only one carucate of land, to which was appurtenant house-bote and hay-bote to be taken in that wood for burning at only one hearth in his chief messuage ; and if you by reason of your third part could in that wood take house-bote and hay-bote at your pleasure, there would be taken house-bote and hay-bote and fuel for two hearths, whereas they were previously appendant to only one hearth: wherefore, estovers for house-bote &c. you can not have; and we pray judgment.