house in Virginia

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The phrase has the same initials as the name of the virus.


house in Virginia

  1. (euphemistic) HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS.
    • 2010, Badilisho, “Well It’s Official... Er’body Can Get Married In D.C.” In Mighty Real: An Anthology of African American Same Gender Loving Writing, ed. R. Bryant Smith and Darius Omar Williams,, →ISBN, p. 399:
      That other crowd, which is the crowd made up of members of our own same-gender loving community saying, “Girl, Miss Thing losing too much weight. She must have a House In Virginia!”
    • 2012, Dream Jordan, Bad Boy, Macmillan, →ISBN, p. 115:
      Charles suddenly grew very serious. He paused, and then spoke. “Well... how can I put this... Naleejah has a House In Virginia.”
    • 2013, M. K. Asante, Buck: A Memoir, Random House Publishing Group, →ISBN, p. 115:
      “Looks ain’t everything—like a bad bitch could have that house in Virginia, you never know,” says Scoop.