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house +‎ proud


houseproud (comparative more houseproud, superlative most houseproud)

  1. Alternative form of house-proud
    • 1890, F. Mabel Robinson, The plan of campaign: a story of the fortune of war, page 7:
      Miss Molyneux was extremely proud of her doors and ceilings and fire places, but indeed she was altogether what Lancashire folk call a "houseproud woman."
    • 1978, Miriam Gross, The world of Raymond Chandler, page 98:
      We also witness Marlowe at his most houseproud, serving coffee for Eileen Wade []
    • 1984, Joan Perkin, It's never too late, page 136:
      Houses are not mirrors for Narcissuses, and even the most houseproud people don't eat off the kitchen floor, whatever they say.