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humbug +‎ -er.



humbugger (plural humbuggers)

  1. (dated) One who humbugs; a cheat or swindler.
    • 1772 November, “A Short Dissertation on the Modern Art of Humbugging”, in The Covent-Garden Magazine; or, Amorous Repository: Calculated Solely for the Entertainment of the Polite World, and the Finishing of a Young Gentleman's Education, volume I, London: Printed for the authors; and sold by G. Allen, No. 59, in Pater-noster Row, and all other booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland, OCLC 645711122, page 176:
      Under theſe circumſtances the Humbugger attacks the man whom he has ſelected for his butt; and while he proſtitutes his own candour to the raiſing his good opinion of himſelf too high, he gives the ſignal to every body about him to laugh at him for a coxcomb for doing ſo.
    • 1796, “The Nine Days Wonder! or the Humbug of Butcher Row. Sung by Mr. Dighton.”, in Songs, &c. in The Spirit of the Grotto. Or an Hour at Weybridge. A Musical Spectacle, as Performed at Sadler's Wells, [London?]: [s.n.], OCLC 931350444, page 12:
      Here's a Humbugger come, / Will prove the reſt nothing at all, / 'Tis a Jobber, a Factor, / A damn'd Corn Contractor, / Who makes all our Loaves be ſo ſmall; []