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Lexicalised h-prothesised form of unan, a form of un (one). Cognate with Cornish honan.





hunan sg (plural hunain)

  1. (with possessive determiner) self
    Synonym: hun
    fy hunanmyself
    ei hunanhimself, herself
    ein hunainourselves
  2. (with possessive determiner preceding both itself and the noun) own
    Synonym: hun
    fy ngeiriau fy hunanmy own words
    ei syniad ei hunanhis/her own idea
    ein cartref ein hunainour own home

Usage notes

  • Hunan tends to be more common in the south and synonymous hun in the north, although plural hunain is also found in north at times.
  • There are three second-person forms: dy hunan (yourself) (singular familiar), eich hunan (yourself) (singular polite) and eich hunain (yourselves) (plural familiar/polite).

Personal forms


Derived terms



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