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Alternative forms[edit]


From hurry +‎ -some.


hurrisome (comparative more hurrisome, superlative most hurrisome)

  1. Characterised or marked by hurrying; quick; hasty
    • 2009, James G. Anderson, Mark Sebanc, The Stoneholding:
      Don't be hurrisome or you'll pay for it with a broken head.
    • 2013, Eric Gene Crider, Wisp:
      Although the brisket was excellent, Elbert seemed a tad hurrisome to conclude the meal so she would stop talking.
    • 2015, Ellery Queen, The Last Woman in His Life:
      The murderer of Marcia's husband stripped off rubber gloves, thrust gloves and envelope deeply away, then fled in a stroll northward toward an exit different from the place of entry ... to a hurrisome eye just another foolhardy New Yorker defying the statistics of Central Park's nighttime crime.
    • 2015, Ellery Queen, Guess Who's Coming to Kill You?:
      Levashev shrugged; the shrug said that Americans were a hurrisome people.