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From Middle English hirst (wood, grove; hillock; sandbank, sandbar), Old English hyrst (hillock, eminence, height, wood, wooded eminence), from Proto-Germanic *hurstiz; akin to Dutch horst (thicket; bird's nest), German Horst (thicket, nest)



hurst (plural hursts)

  1. (rare outside placenames) A wood or grove.
    • 2000, Grazing Ecology and Forest History →ISBN, page 150:
      A blackthorn seedling can in this way expand into a hurst of 0,1-0, 5 ha in the space of 10 years, []
    • 2010, Adam Nicolson, Sissinghurst: A Castle's Unfinished History, page 124:
      A recognizable world seems to balloon up out of the names [...]. Lovehurst down in the clay lands towards Staplehurst means "the hurst that was left to someone in a will": Legacy Wood. Its near neighbor, Tolehurst, originally called Tunlafahirst, means something like Heir's Farm Wood.