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hybrid learning (uncountable)

  1. Education involving both online or distance learning and in-person instruction.
    • 2011 February, Michele Luhtala, “A Real World Example”, in Teacher Librarian, volume 38, number 3, pages 24–25:
      A school or district that is truly committed to delivering hybrid learning will find a way to help bridge the gap for learners without Internet access.
    • 2020 August 16, “More willingness to learn during Covid, says ACCA study”, in The Hindu BusinessLine on Campus[1]:
      Getting the optimum blend between face-to-face and online learning will remain the key and could be difficult, leading organisations to think differently. The evolution of the 'hybrid learning model is pertinent to building a sustainable learning and development model in the future.



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Unadapted borrowing from English hybrid learning.


hybrid learning m (invariable)

  1. hybrid learning
    Synonyms: apprendimento ibrido, apprendimento misto

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