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hyper- +‎ modern


hypermodern (comparative more hypermodern, superlative most hypermodern)

  1. Extremely modern, bordering on the futuristic.
    • 1997, Michael Storper, The regional world: territorial development in a global economy
      The new hypermodern economy depends on the rapid movement of goods, services, and persons. Old forms of career stability are now considered to be things of the past.
    • 2000, Stuart S Nagel, Handbook of global political policy
      One hypermodern trend entails technological development, producing a postindustrial, information-infused society. This also leads to globalization...
    • 2003, Ryan Bishop, John Phillips, Wei-Wei Yeo, Postcolonial urbanism: Southeast Asian cities and global processes
      What does this signify for the materiality and mentality of our everyday life in the hypermodern city?
  2. (chess) Of or pertaining to hypermodernism.

Derived terms[edit]