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hyper- +‎ political


hyperpolitical (comparative more hyperpolitical, superlative most hyperpolitical)

  1. Especially political.
    • 1993, Sande Cohen, Academia and the Luster of Capital
      The left is incapable, like the right — and every other hyperpolitical faction — of the self-perception that it is in a muddle []
    • 2000, Stuart S Nagel, Handbook of global legal policy
      [] a more complete picture of how the law system functions in a hyperpolitical environment such as that found in regimes-in-transition situations.
    • 2005, Aprodicio A Laquian, Beyond metropolis: the planning and governance of Asia's mega-urban regions
      [] and finally, a controversial war with Iraq that heightened the fault lines among Washington's hyperpolitical residents.