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identitarian +‎ -ism, 1943.


identitarianism (countable and uncountable, plural identitarianisms)

  1. (sociology) Politics based on social identity.
    • Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn , The Menace of the Herd, or Procrustes at Large, 1943, e.g.:
      "The radical feminists always wanted in their frantic identitarianism to eliminate the difference between the sexes" (p. 96)
    • 2020, Tim Nieguth, editor, Nationalism and Popular Culture[1], Routledge, →ISBN:
      Identitarianism is probably the most well-known of these ‘new’ ideologies, despite its fairly recent emergence on the political scene. Employing the lambda symbol, identitarianism has gained increasing purchase amongst youth across western Europe, and France in particular, growing out of the (European) New Right (Nouvelle Droite), which dates to the 1970s and GRECE (Research and Study Group on European Civilization).
  2. (psychology) The set of ideas arising from an ontology of identity.