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From igne (fire) + dūcō (I lead”, “I bring); compare the French aqueduc.


igneduct (plural igneducts)

  1. (rare) A structure carrying fire or a molten or fiery substance.
    • 1975, Henry Oldenburg, The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg, page 454:
      Whether at ye mouth of those igneducts, where flowers of sulphur and where sal armoniac are found, there do issue forth any steams or exhalations, []
    • 1993, Rolando Peña, Mene Digital, page 19:
      To be part of Jesse's lineage is to be part of the race of the solar fire, upon which the great igneduct is based which will lead the alchemist to the apocatastasis, to the salvation of the world.