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Old French[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


Of confounded origin. The forms isnel, esnel, inel are undoubtedly related to Old Provençal isnel and Old Italian snello, all from Frankish *snel, from Proto-Germanic *snellaz(bold, quick, lively), related to Old High German snel(warlike, lively, brisk), See snell.

However, Old French ignel appears to be an assimilation of the former to Latin igneus, ignitellus(burning, ardent), probably through folk-etymology in the sense of "fiery". Diez admits a possible origin in Latin for ignel, but not for isnel, esnel, etc.. [1][2]


ignel m (oblique and nominative feminine singular ignele)

  1. swift; impetuous
  2. burning; on fire

Derived terms[edit]


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