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Borrowed from Inuktitut ᐃᒃᑦᓱᐊᕐᐳᒃ (iktsoarpok, goes outside often to check if someone is coming).[1]


iktsuarpok (uncountable)

  1. The feeling of anticipation while waiting for someone to arrive, often leading to intermittently going outside to check for them.
    • 2014, Sheila Tipay, Neupella and the Walking Stick, →ISBN:
      The noise was loud, but they had ear plugs on, and Tizzy shouted out to Dizzy, “Iktsuarpok! Iktsuarpok! Iktsuarpok!” Dizzy came backand said, “The coast is clear!
    • 2015, Dixie Lyle, Marked Fur Murder: A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mystery, →ISBN, page 231:
      "Ah, Foxtrot," said Oscar. "I was wondering if you would put in an appearance. In fact, I was on the verge of Iktsuarpok.”
    • 2016, Tiffany Watt Smith, The Book of Human Emotions: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty, →ISBN:
      Might the restless checking of our phones, waiting for an expected response to a text or comment on a status update, be a type of iktsuarpok?
    • 2017, Daniel Richardson, Man vs Mind: Everyday Psychology Explained, →ISBN:
      In that moment, you are experiencing the sadness of iktsuarpok. Then, your special person does appear!



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  1. Latin-script form of ᐃᒃᑦᓱᐊᕐᐳᒃ