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image +‎ -less


imageless (not comparable)

  1. Lacking an image
    • 1874, William Ware, Aurelian[1]:
      Ever since Hadrian--otherwise a patriot king--built his imageless temples, in imitation of this barren and lifeless worship; ever since the weak Alexander and his superstitious mother filled the imperial palace with their statues of Christ, with preachers and teachers of his religion; ever since the Philips openly and without shame professed his faith; ever, I say, since these great examples have been before the world, has the ancient religion declined its head, and the new stalked proudly by.
    • 1922, D. H. Lawrence, Fantasia of the Unconscious[2]:
      Other dream-fears, or strong dream-impressions, may be almost imageless.
    • 1989 June 2, Fred Camper, “Andy Warhol: A Long, Close Look”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      In this diptych, a grid of 15 blue-and-black electric-chair images occupies the left panel, while the right panel is imageless, filled with the same shade of blue used in the left.