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From Middle French immobilité, equivalent to immobile +‎ -ity.


immobility (countable and uncountable, plural immobilities)

  1. The quality of not moving.
    • 1962 March, “The New Year Freeze-up on British Railways”, in Modern Railways, page 158:
      Common to all Regions were frozen points, which were troublesome not only because of immobility, but because failure to close prevented operation of detector circuits.
    • 2003, Alessandra Piontelli, From Fetus to Child: An Observational and Psychoanalytic Study (page 87)
      See how he still covers his face with his hands when he sees me and his immobility and fixed stare are often evident.
  2. The state or condition of being unable to change one's location, move or be moved.
    Synonym: unmovability
    Immobility is a big problem for many people who can't afford a car.


Derived terms[edit]