immovable property

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immovable property (usually uncountable, plural immovable properties)

  1. (law) real estate.
    • BGB, Section 1971
      Pledgees and creditors who are equivalent to pledgees in insolvency proceedings, and creditors who on execution of judgment against the immovable property have a right to satisfaction from this property are, insofar as it is a question of satisfaction from the objects subject to their claims, not affected by the public notice procedure. The same applies to creditors whose claims are secured by a priority notice or who have a right of separation of assets in the insolvency proceedings, with regard to the objects subject to their rights.
    • Japanese Civil Code, Article 177:
      Acquisitions of, losses of and changes in real rights concerning immovable properties may not be asserted against third parties, unless the same are registered pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Real Estate Registration Act (Law No. 123 of 2004) and other laws regarding registration.