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immuno- +‎ fluoro- +‎ reactive


immunofluororeactive (comparative more immunofluororeactive, superlative most immunofluororeactive)

  1. Showing a reaction to immunofluorescence
    • 2015 July 8, Giampaolo Bosi et al., “Enteric neuromodulators and mucus discharge in a fish infected with the intestinal helminth Pomphorhynchus laevis”, in Parasites & Vectors[1], volume 8, DOI:10.1186/s13071-015-0970-7:
      Note the “reservoir-like” appearance of the met-enkephalin immunofluoropositive endocrine cell (middle and right images). b An open type endocrine cell that is immunofluororeactive to both the anti-met-enkephalin (left image) and to the anti-serotonin (middle image) anti-sera.