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From important +‎ -ness.


importantness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being important; importance.
    • 1885; reprinted 1996 in Richard Germain, Dollars Through the Doors: A Pre-1930 History of Bank Marketing in America‎, page 112
      There was need also of an institution for savings that would reach the poorer classes of colored people, teach them the importantness of being industrious, of seeking steady employment.
    • 1997, Schuyler B. Jackson & William Harmon, Rational Meaning, page 273
      This word "essential" is too easily made a convenience for the forceful indication of a primary quality of importantness;
    • 2005, Kerry Temple, Back to Earth: A Backpacker's Journey into Self and Soul‎, page 17
      Their time is in most demand; they earn stature, prestige, and importantness for this.