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impropre (comparative more impropre, superlative most impropre)

  1. Obsolete form of improper.
    • 16th Century, The Works of Daniel Waterland, Volume X., page #340:
      Whereunto are required, not only true and faithfull ministers, but especallye, that the bokes of the holye Scripture be well and truely translated and printed also, both to take away all occasions of scismes and heresies, that by reason of impropre translation and false printe many times do rise amonge the simple and ignoraunt people, and also to stoppe the mouthes of the adversarie part, whych upon suche faultes, take a boldnesse to blaspheme and misreport this heavenly doctrine, nowe so plentifully set forth unto us, thorowe your Graces moste prudente and godlye carefulnesse.




impropre (plural impropres)

  1. inappropriate
  2. unsuited (to), unfit (for)

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