in God's name

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in God's name (not comparable)

  1. (colloquial) Used as an intensifier.
    In God's name, what do you think you are you doing?
    What in God's name are you doing?
    • 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson, Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
      "...And in the meantime, if you can sit and talk with me of other things, for God's sake, stay and do so; but if you cannot keep clear of this accursed topic, then in God's name, go, for I cannot bear it."
    • 1897, Bram Stoker, Dracula Chapter 21
      "In God's name what does this mean?" Harker cried out. "Dr. Seward, Dr. Van Helsing, what is it? What has happened? What is wrong? Mina, dear what is it? What does that blood mean? My God, my God! Has it come to this!" And, raising himself to his knees, he beat his hands wildly together. "Good God help us! Help her! Oh, help her!"