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Prepositional phrase[edit]

in bits

  1. (Britain, slang) In a state of extreme emotion, such as hilarity or rage.
    • 2010, Eamonn O'Keefe, I Only Wanted to Play Football (page 40)
      Rudi went flying up into the air and landed flat on his back - his ligaments nearly landed in Old Trafford. Well, their team was in bits! We were in bits! Even the ref couldn't stop laughing!
    • 2011, Brian Conaghan, The Boy Who Made it Rain (page 58)
      By this time I was in bits. I was livid. I was half going to run up to them and have it out right there and then.
    • 2013, Simon Dawson, Pigs in Clover:
      He clapped his huge hands together and let out a roar of laughter. We started laughing, too. By the time he reached us, for no reason I could fathom other than he was laughing and we were following, we were in bits.
    • 2015, Julie O'Toole, Heroin
      Some women's cycles don't return for years after they get off heroin. The withdrawal was so bad I wanted to die. I was in bits and I couldn't do anything. It was like everything caught up on me at once — emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

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