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Borrowed from Latin in camerā (in the chamber).


in camera (not comparable)

  1. In secret or in private (in an enclosed room, behind closed doors).
  2. (law) Without the presence of the public or the media (in court)
    • 2011, M. R. Hall, The Disappeared: A Jenny Cooper Mystery, →ISBN, page 309:
      Ma'am, I must protest most strongly your decision to conduct this inquest in camera.
    • 2014, John Snape, California Evidence Code 2014, →ISBN, page 43:
      Any transcription of the proceedings at the in camera hearing, as well as any physical evidence presented at the hearing, shall be ordered sealed by the court, and only a court may have access to its contents.
    • 2018, Kate Atkinson, Transcription, →ISBN, page 293:
      An inquest in camera and they would all be vindicated.
    The trial was held in camera because the accused was a minor.


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