in hoc signo vinces

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A calque of the Ancient Greek ἐν (en) τούτῳ (toútōi) νίκα (níka) (en (en) toútōi (toútōi) níka (níka), in this, victory).


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /in hoːk ˈsiɡ.noː ˈwin.keːs/, [ĩ hoːk ˈsɪŋ.noː ˈwɪŋ.keːs]


in hōc signō vincēs

  1. “in this sign thou wilt win”; “in this sign you will conquer”
    • 1905, O. Henry, Telemachus, Friend
      The pink of her face was the in hoc signo of a culinary temper and a warm disposition, and her smile would have brought out the dogwood blossoms in December.

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