in the event

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in the event (not comparable)

  1. As things (have) turned out or are turning out; ultimately; in the end; eventually.
    • 1836, Andrew Reed, James Matheson, Congregational Union of England and Wales, A narrative of the visit to the American churches by the deputation from the Congregational Union of England and Wales (volume 1, page 197)
      I had also concluded that I should arrive [] in time for the afternoon services, but in the event I was in this also disappointed.
    • 2010, Anna Champney, Buried Past, Hidden Secrets (page 88)
      She had met and fallen in love with the man who collected the milk from the dairy, and she had decided to marry him when he asked her. In the event, he didn't ask her, but there was obviously something going on between them, and she forced his hand.


in the event

  1. If, in the event that
    In the event we meet the deadline, there will be free pizza for everyone.


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