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incalescence (usually uncountable, plural incalescences)

  1. (obsolete) The state of being incalescent, or growing warm.
    • 1835, Thomas Browne, Sir Thomas Browne's Works: Pseudodoxia epidemica, books 4-7. The garden of Cyrus. Hydriotaphia. Brampton urns:
      But Averroes, a man of his own faith, was of another belief; restraining his ebriety unto hilarity, and in effect making no more thereof than Seneca commendeth, and was allowable in Cato; that is, a sober incalescence and regulated aestuation from wine; or, what may be conceived between Joseph and his brethren, when the text expresseth they were merry, or drank largely; and whereby indeed the commodities set down by Avicenna, that is, alleviation of spirits, resolution of superfluities, provocation of sweat and urine, may also ensue.