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in- +‎ cohesive


incohesive (comparative more incohesive, superlative most incohesive)

  1. Not cohesive.
    • 1868, Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot, A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times[1]:
      It is a faithful picture of the internal state of the French nation in the fourteenth century; a nation in labor of formation, a nation whose elements, as yet scattered and incohesive, though under one and the same name, were fermenting each in its own quarter and independently of the rest, with a tendency to mutual coalescence in a powerful unity, but, as yet, far from succeeding in it.
    • 1913, Brooks Adams, The Theory of Social Revolutions[2]:
      One of the difficulties, therefore, which capital has to meet, by the aid of such administrative ability as it can command, is how to keep order when society no longer rests on the cohesive family, but on highly volatilized individuals as incohesive as grains of sand.