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From in- +‎ conducive.


inconducive (comparative more inconducive, superlative most inconducive)

  1. Not likely to produce or support some desired outcome.
    • 1945 April 6, “Freedom from Slums”, in The Virgin Islands Daily News, retrieved 20 Aug. 2010, page 3:
      Whole families are often obliged to live in one—or two—room apartments, inconducive either to good morals or good health.
    • 1971 March 31, “Male chauvinism”, in Ottawa Citizen, retrieved 20 Aug. 2010, page 5:
      The dinner conversation was becoming inconducive to smooth digestion.
    • 2008 February 26, Eric Lai, “Microsoft tries to steer a more agile course on software development”, in Computerworld, retrieved 20 Aug. 2010:
      But the sheer size of the company's programming workforce, and the number, heft and widespread popularity of its products, conspire to create an environment that can be inconducive to efficient coding.