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in- +‎ divisive


indivisive (comparative more indivisive, superlative most indivisive)

  1. Indivisible.
    • 1850, John Evelyn, ‎Richard Macdonnell Evanson, The history of religion, ed. with notes by R.M. Evanson, page 162:
      [] especially since it is conceived it may be evinced without any pre-existence in the platonic notion, or the least violence to other truths, and solve its immortal and indivisive nature; nor stands in need of new fabrics and creations to attend every human conception.
    • 1992, Kernial Singh Sandhu, The ASEAN reader, page 90:
      The pattern of bilateral conflict that emerges in Southeast Asia is determined by considerations of indivisive sovereignty, primarily focusing on territorial rights and economic interests without any particular time constraints.
    • 2003, Cyril Hart, Learning and Culture in Late Anglo-Saxon England and the Influence of Ramsey Abbey on the Major English Monastic Schools:
      No act of theirs disjointed, no subservient bud doth flower For equal in the Godhead reigns the indivisive power.