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From in- +‎ eliminable.


ineliminable (not comparable)

  1. Unable to be eliminated.
    • 1996, Suan Wendell, The Rejected Body, Routledge 1996, p. 82:
      Although ignorance of disability probably exaggerated the physical suffering of most people with disabilities in the minds of people without disabilities, the importance of ineliminable suffering must not be overlooked.
    • 2002, Roger Scruton, ‘Language and Ideology’, The Literary Review, December:
      In feminist thinking the masculine pronoun carries an ineliminable reference to the male sex, and therefore must be applied only to males.
    • 2009, George Sher, Who Knew? Responsibility Without Awareness, Oxford University Press 2009, p. 19:
      Because both reasons make ineliminable reference to the deliberating agent's perspective, each nicely captures the thought that the demands of that perspective are bound to play some central role in any adequate justification of the searchlight view.

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