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infodemiology (uncountable)

  1. A form of epidemiology in which data is obtained via the Internet
    • 2014, Tom Kwanya, ‎Christine Stilwell, ‎Peter Underwood -, Library 3.0: Intelligent Libraries and Apomediation, page 131:
      Infodemiology can also be used to map information distribution and use patterns which can reveal bottlenecks in information flow.
    • 2016, Annika Richterich, “Using Transactional Big Data for Epidemiological Surveillance: Google Flu Trends and Ethical Implications of 'Infodemiology'”, in Brent Daniel Mittelstadt, ‎Luciano Floridi, editor, The Ethics of Biomedical Big Data, page 49:
      Looking at the field of infodemiology today, one can differentiate between the following approaches; epidemiological surveillance based on: * ‘professional’, public information online (e.g. Health Map, Global Public Health Intelligence Network) * explicit, conscious information provided by users and affected individuals (e.g. Flu Near You, Grippeweb) * implicit information provided (mainly) unconsciously by users (e.g. Google Flu Trends; Yahoo research/Polgreen et al. 2008)
    • 2019, Ronald M. Baecker, Computers and Society: Modern Perspectives, page 105:
      The infodemiology method was used to identify investigative reports and news stories dealing with the outbreak that appeared on authoritative media outlets worldwide.

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