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inne +‎ hålla




  1. to contain, to include
  2. to withhold (e.g. a payment)
    • 1990, Swedish tax law, Lag (1990:676) om skatt på ränta på skogskontomedel m.m.
      11 § Har skatt innehållits och betalats in med för högt belopp skall återbetalning till den skattskyldige ske med vad som betalats för mycket.
      11 § If tax has been withheld and been paid with a too large amount, repayment to the taxpayer shall be made with what has been paid in excess.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Since salary taxes in Sweden are paid to the tax authority directly by the employer (preliminärskatt) by withholding a part of the salary from being paid to the employee, this verb is often used in association with taxes that have been paid.
  • Recommendations against the use of this word in legal prose, together with suggested replacements, are found in Svarta listan : Ord och fraser som kan ersättas i författningsspråk (4th ed., 2011), published by the government of Sweden.



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