innocently divorced

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innocently divorced (not comparable)

  1. (set phrase) Divorced but not the party at fault.
    • 2006, Narendra K. Sinha, Stories on Kashmir & Others, →ISBN, p. 137 (Google preview):
      Respondents were all kinds of people, Sikhs, South Indians or Hindus belonging to various other communities. She even got one response from the mother of a girl wherein she had mentioned that her daughter was innocently divorced only a few months back and was without any incumbency.
    • 2013 Aug. 8, Boris Groendahl, "Glock’s Ex-Wife Helga Wins Alimony Fight With Austrian Gun Maker," (retrieved 12 July 2014):
      The ex-wife of Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock is entitled to alimony from her ex-husband regardless of her own wealth. . . . “The court . . . ruled that the alimony has to be calculated the same way as for lower incomes because the spouse that was innocently divorced is entitled to share the wealth of the other spouse.”
    • 2014 July 12, "Brahim Hindu Boy, 33 Years, innocently divorced, well settled," The Weekly Voice (Canada) (retrieved 12 July 2014):
      Canadian Citizen, Brahim Hindu Boy 33 Years old, innocently divorced, with one girl child, well settled, looking for suitable girl.
  2. Divorced from a marriage that was not consummated.

Usage notes[edit]

  • (divorced but not at fault): Used especially in matrimonial advertisements in newspapers of South Asia and of South Asian communities worldwide.