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insta- +‎ death


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instadeath (countable and uncountable, plural instadeaths)

  1. (video games, slang) instant death
    • 1994, Jacob Bara-Skowronek, "Re: Space Gods (was Re: Demographics)" [1], Usenet
      It may seem rather harsh, but if one's going to play a cyborg (or the equivalent), the benefits of almost unlimited cyberware counterbalance the risk of dying in pure zones (or InstaDeath due to transformation).
    • 1995, Robert J Chverchko, "Re: Napalm LRM's"[2], Usenet
      It's way too powerful, the point with the inferno SRM-2 was that it needed to close into a range where the infantry might have a chance of firing back before suffering instadeath.
    • "Dylan O'Donnell", "Re: New spoiler - instadeath"[3], Usenet
      It's still only on the 5-turn timer if you're hit by a monster-thrown egg, though, as opposed to the instadeath from "elementary physics" if you throw one upwards yourself.
    • 2007, "Mark Mackey", "Lost char due to bug in Crawl SS 0.7"[4], Usenet
      One of the nice things added to Crawl in the dc400 beta days was the removal of typo instadeaths: back in the bad days accidentally moving onto a lava or deep water square was effectively an instadeath.

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