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insta- +‎ kill


instakill (plural instakills)

  1. (board games, video games, slang) An instant kill
    • 2006, Joe Bednorz, "Re: How do warrior types ever get the hang of spells?"[1],, Usenet
      Poisoned projectiles have a 10% chance of an instakill vs non-poison-resistant monsters. (Note that the Tsurugi of Murumasa and Vorpal Blade only have a 5% chance of an instakill.)


instakill (not comparable)

  1. (board games, video games, slang) Having the ability to instantly kill
    • 1994, Mike Hall, "Re: Best incarnations of characters.."[2],, Usenet
      Quite true re 3 hit DP instakill combo.
    • 1999, Richard Cortese, "Re: Aren't games supposed to be fun?"[3],, Usenet
      The level of frustration is subjective. As long as everyone has the same instakill mobs there is a level playing field ergo I live with it. The instakill mobs do decrease the amount of adventuring you can do w/o being high level, so that is a personal pain in the butt for me.


instakill (third-person singular simple present instakills, present participle instakilling, simple past and past participle instakilled)

  1. To perform an instakill.


  • 2006, David Conger and Ron Little, Creating Games in C++, A Step-by-Step Guide, page 166
    Designing the game includes tasks such as figuring out where to hide the Singing Sword of Power or what happens when you fire a 1000-MegaHurt InstaKill Thunderbomb at the Disgusting Fangbeast of Blort.

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