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From in- +‎ suck. Cognate with Dutch inzuigen (to suck in), German einsaugen (suck in, absorb, soak up), Swedish insuga (to inhale, suck in, pick up).


insuck (third-person singular simple present insucks, present participle insucking, simple past and past participle insucked)

  1. (transitive) To suck in; inhale; absorb; soak up.
    • 1905, William Baucke, Where the white man treads:
      The first course was soup, and as the younger used his spoon, his lips reached forth to meet it, at the same time he insucked his breath, which made a particular noise.
    • 1999, The Atlantic monthly: Volume 284:
      [...] a wavering or trembling of the haypiles as if the hay itself took breath: insucks & outflows, faint wave motions rippling across low flat haystack is the giveaway [...]
    • 2001, Ray Bradbury, A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities:
      The terrible wound of mouth peeled and slithered, insucked and garbled a single word: [...]


insuck (plural insucks)

  1. The act or process of sucking in; absorption.
    • 2004, Aidan Higgins, A bestiary:
      The refill, the tamping down with finger, the match lit, the quick insucks, the very flushed face very serious now, sound of sucking in air, bubbling of pipe, waving of match to extinguish, puffing out clouds of smoke, rolling over on [...]
    • 2006, Barry R. Komisaruk, Carlos Beyer, Beverly Whipple, The science of orgasm:
      The timing of the insuck of semen in relation to sperm capacitation (the process that renders sperm capable of fertilizing an egg) has been discussed critically by Levin (2002).