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intarweb (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Alternative spelling of interweb
    Ha! Ha! I'm using TEH INTARWEB on a mac, cuz imma noob!!!1

Usage notes[edit]

Usually used with leetspeak or other Internet slang spellings.


  • 2001, Dave Bett, in [1]
    Here's a hint - don't have your kid on your lap as your look on this weird, twisted thing known as the intarweb.
  • 2002, Rob Young, in alt.alumni.warwick [2]
    And you might be thinking, that's really shite, but don't forget it's teh intarweb, where no matter how bizarre a thing you can think up, there'll be someone who'll masturbate to it.
  • 2003, Hong Ooi, in, and [3]
    So how come I have no problems with this fluff on teh Intarweb, but I still got my butt kicked at a trivia night last weekend?
  • 2005, Jay Furr, in [4]
    The intarweb ain't all it's cracked up to be.