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inter- +‎ cross


intercross (third-person singular simple present intercrosses, present participle intercrossing, simple past and past participle intercrossed)

  1. To cross back over one another
    • 1895, Jules Verne, Captain Antifer[1], page 134:
      From this trunk, like a tower, rose an enormous tenfold ramification, the branches of which crossed and intercrossed, and forked and developed, []
  2. (biology, genetics) To breed two strains having a common ancestry with one another
    • 1916, Alfred Russel Wallace, Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1[2]:
      A species varies occasionally in two directions, but owing to their free intercrossing they (the variations) never increase.


intercross (plural intercrosses)

  1. (biology, genetics) The act or product of intercrossing
    • 2000, Xavier Montagutelli, “Determining the Genetic Basis of a New Trait”, in Sundberg & Boggess, editors, Systematic Approach to Evaluation of Mouse Mutations[3], →ISBN, page 20:
      Intercrosses are particularly useful with recessive mutations maintained in a small colony.

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intercross m (uncountable)

  1. (sports) lacrosse