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inter- +‎ locution


interlocution (countable and uncountable, plural interlocutions)

  1. Discussion or conversation.
    • 1905, George Grote, "Solon's Early Greek Legislation" in Rossiter Johnson (editor), The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 1 (2008 edition), →ISBN, p. 304:
      [T]wo actors were introduced to sustain fictitious characters and carry on a dialogue in such manner that the songs of the chorus and the interlocution of the actors formed a continuous piece.
    • 2006, Alan Dean Foster, Running from the Deity, →ISBN, p. 131:
      Contrary to Storra's hope, however, the conversation between Flinx and his new visitor was going very well indeed. ¶Experienced in the ways of political intrigue, if not interspecies interlocution, Treappyn had settled himself into a comfortable squat.
  2. An intermediate decree before final decision.


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