interpretatio germanica

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From interpretātiō (interpretation) + germānica, feminine form of germānicus (Germanic).


interpretātiō germānica f (genitive interpretātiōnis germānicae); third declension

  1. The tendency of Germanic peoples to equate foreign deities with members of their own pantheon. Many English names for weekdays are Germanic interpretations: for example, Thursday (Thor's day) is an interpretation of Latin dies Iovis (Jupiter's day).


Third declension.
First/second declension.

Case Singular
Nominative interpretātiō germānica
Genitive interpretātiōnis germānicae
Dative interpretātiōnī germānicae
Accusative interpretātiōnem germānicam
Ablative interpretātiōne germānicā
Vocative interpretātiō germānica

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