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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin aequātus, past participle of aequō.



equate (third-person singular simple present equates, present participle equating, simple past and past participle equated)

  1. To consider equal, to state as being equivalent.
  2. (mathematics) To set as equal.


Derived terms[edit]


equate (plural equates)

  1. (programming) A statement in assembly language that defines a symbol having a particular value.
    • 2005, Arnold S. Berger, Hardware and Computer Organization, page 220:
      The first section of the program includes the system equates.
    • 2009, Saifullah Khalid, Neetu Agrawal, Microprocessor System (page 256)
      The following equates define the stats byte []
    • 2012, J. S. Anderson, Microprocessor Technology, page 221:
      You can learn much about user routines, labels, displacements, equates (EQU) and so on, by modifying this program and observing the results on the screen.