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First coined 1300, from Ancient Greek Πάνθειον (Pántheion, a temple of all gods), neuter of πάνθειος (pántheios, of or common to all gods), from πᾶν (pân, all, everything), neuter of πᾶς (pâs, all, the whole) + θεῖος (theîos, of or for the gods), from θεός (theós, god)


pantheon (plural pantheons or panthea)

  1. A temple dedicated to all the gods.
  2. (mythology) All the gods of a particular people or religion, particularly the ancient Greek gods residing on Olympus, considered as a group.
  3. A category or classification denoting the most honored persons of a group.
    • 2012-09-08, Richard, “Williams”, in Sports - Olypics - Usain Bolt[The Guardian], page [1]:


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  1. pantheon (the gods of a religion as a group)
  2. pantheon (temple or monument)


Inflection of pantheon (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative pantheon pantheonit
genitive pantheonin pantheonien
partitive pantheonia pantheoneja
illative pantheoniin pantheoneihin
singular plural
nominative pantheon pantheonit
accusative nom. pantheon pantheonit
gen. pantheonin
genitive pantheonin pantheonien
partitive pantheonia pantheoneja
inessive pantheonissa pantheoneissa
elative pantheonista pantheoneista
illative pantheoniin pantheoneihin
adessive pantheonilla pantheoneilla
ablative pantheonilta pantheoneilta
allative pantheonille pantheoneille
essive pantheonina pantheoneina
translative pantheoniksi pantheoneiksi
instructive pantheonein
abessive pantheonitta pantheoneitta
comitative pantheoneineen