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Alternative forms[edit]


interpreting (plural interpretings)

  1. (countable) Synonym of interpretation (an act of interpreting or explaining what is obscure)
    • 1984, Stephen A. Erickson, Human Presence: At the Boundaries of Meaning (page 86)
      To put these statements in the singular, of course, is to abstract — there is always a plurality of interpretings when interpretation takes place.
  2. (uncountable, linguistics, translation studies) Synonym of interpretation (the discipline or study of translating one spoken or signed language into another)
    • 2003, Gunilla M. Anderman, Margaret Rogers, Translation Today: Trends and Perspectives, Multilingual Matters (ISBN 9781853596186), page 205
      The scholarship supporting translation and interpreting education necessarily entails discussions of assessment and there has been some encouraging work in this area.
    • 2013, Carmen Millán, Francesca Bartrina, The Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies, Routledge (ISBN 9781136242151), page 66
      Is there a theory of interpreting, or a set of distinct theories of interpreting?
    • 2017, Alexander V. Kozin, Consecutive Interpreting: An Interdisciplinary Study, Springer (ISBN 9783319617268), page 1
      An orphan among its peers, consecutive interpreting appears to have a short life and little if any luster.

Derived terms[edit]



  1. present participle of interpret