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inter- +‎ varsity


intervarsity (not comparable)

  1. (Britain) taking place between universities
    • 1914 (Apr), L. C. Hull, "Athletics at Oxford: The New Rules", The American Oxonian 1(1): 23
      Oxford stands for intra-varsity in addition to intervarsity sport.
    • 2004 Mike Huggins, "The Victorians and sport"
      Yet, while its Lillie Bridge ground staged the inter-varsity match and the national amateur championships ...
    • 2006 S. F. Lam, Julian W. Chang, "The quest for gold: fifty years of amateur sports in Hong Kong"
      This intervarsity meet was held in the South China Athletic Association's new Caroline Hill Stadium ...
    • 2006 James M. Pitsula, "As one who serves: the making of the University of Regina"
      The fencers lunged and parried their way to a Western Canadian Intervarsity Athletic Union championship.


intervarsity (plural intervarsities)

  1. A competition taking place between universities.
    • 1994, Paul Dobson, Doc: The Life of Danie Craven, page 76-77
      As a player Craven took part in seven Intervarsities with remarkable success [] Asked which Intervarsities were special, he said they were all special.
    • 2000 Stuart Saunders, "Vice-chancellor on a tightrope"
      I responded by saying that the intervarsity was a student affair and had to be taken up with the students.
    • 2005 Saul Dubow, Alan Jeeves, "South Africa's 1940s: worlds of possibilities"
      Much the same could be said for the annual intervarsities between the universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch