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irene (plural irenes)

  1. (organic chemistry) The hydrocarbon formed by dehydration of an irone.
    • 1952, The Terpenes, addenda to volumes 1 and 2, page 507:
      The configurations around the double bond in the side chain are based on considerations of the Raman spectra, dielectric constants, etc., and on comparatively small differences in reactivity; for example, neo-α-irone is converted into irene less readily than α-irone, but forms an oxime more rapidly; [...]
    • 1964, Samuel Coffey, E. H. Rodd, Martin Frederick Ansell, Chemistry of Carbon Compounds: Alicyclic Compounds, page 177:
      Ruzicka and his co-workers showed that the hydrocarbon irene, obtained on reduction of irone with red phosphorus/iodine, had the structure shown and this was confirmed by synthesis [...]
    • 1972, Ernest Guenther, The Essential Oils: Individual Essential Oils of the Plant Families Ericaceae, Betulaceae, Valerianaceae, Verbenaceae, Cistaceae, Cruciferae, Liliaceae, Iridaceae, Araceae, Palmae, Cyperaceae, Moraceae, Aristolochiaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Ranunculaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Malvaceae, Usneaceae, Podocarpaceae, Pinaceae, Taxodiaceae, and Cupressaceae, page 87:
      Practically no isomerization of ɑ- or γ-irone into β-irone, or of γ-irone into ɑ-irone takes place; nor is irene formed from the irones.



Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


irene m

  1. definite plural of ire