is fuath le

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  • IPA(key): /ɪsˠ fˠuə lʲə/, /sˠfˠuə lʲə/


is fuath le (past and conditional b'fhuath le, negative ní fuath le)

  1. to hate
    Is fuath le Cáit caifé.
    Kate hates coffee.

Usage notes[edit]

The person doing the hating (the subject in English) is rendered as the object of the preposition le, while the person or thing hated (the object in English) is rendered as the subject of the sentence, which comes at the end of the clause in this construction.

(1) Is fuath liom mo phost
copula hatred with-me my job
"I hate my job."
(2) fuath le Pól a athair
not hatred with Paul his father
"Paul does not hate his father."
(3) Cén fáth an fuath leat mé?
why interrogative hatred with-you me
Why do you hate me?